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       Asian rice (Oryza sativa) is among the world’s most important crops. The genus Oryza has become a model for the study of plant genome structure, function, and evolution. We have undertaken de novo, full-genome sequence analysis of five diploid AA-genome species that are closely related to O. sativa. These species are native to quite different environments, representing four continents, thus exhibiting very different adaptations. Our studies identify specific genetic changes, in both gene copy number and the degree of diversifying natural selection, that indicate specific genes responsible for these adaptations, particularly in genes related to defense against pathogens and reproductive diversification. This genome discovery and comparative analysis provide a powerful tool for future Oryza study and rice improvement.


O. nivara

O. glaberrima

O. barthii

O. glumaepatula

O. meridionalis

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Qun-Jie Zhang, Ting Zhu, En-Hua Xia, Chao Shi, Yun-Long Liu, Yun Zhang, Yuan Liu, Wen-Kai Jiang, You-Jie Zhao, Shu-Yan Mao, Li-Ping Zhang, Hui Huang, Jun-Ying Jiao, Ping-Zhen Xu, Qiu-Yang Yao, Fan-Chun Zeng, Li-Li Yang, Ju Gao, Da-Yun Tao, Yue-Ju Wang, Jeffrey L. Bennetzen, and Li-Zhi Gao (2014). "Rapid diversification of five Oryza AA genomes associated with rice adaptation". Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. Published online on November 3, 2014, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1418307111. [Online][PDF]

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